Chuck Ellis

Three years ago I left a government office job for the gas industry. I knew the hours would be long and I would be away from home but I thought the money would be worth the sacrifice. IT WASN'T. I had no life and missed my wife and dog. Fifteen months into that industry I had been laid off - TWICE. 

I had been watching a friend on Facebook whose life was COMPLETELY changed because of this business. I figured I could do this too and found out it's not just for women. All it takes is effort, passion, belief and a willingness to learn.  

Now I have a day-job that pays a LOT less than the oil industry but with the extra income I get from our work-from-your-phone business, I don't miss anything about that old life - in fact, I have a life again!! It's all about working smarter, not harder or longer.

Our future is so much brighter and we can't wait for every adventure that lies ahead including moving home to Florida.


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